MONDAY,  October 22:
5:00 P.M.Board Meeting at the clubhouse.  All members are welcome to attend.
6:30 P.M. RummiKub at the clubhouse. Karen Petersen is hosting – 
TUESDAY, October 23:
7:00 P.M. Water Volleyball at PALM RIDGE.  A fun pick-up game every week. No experience necessary.  Join the fun and get some exercise! Maryalyce Skree hosts this fun activity,
WEDNESDAY, October 24:
6:00 P.M.  Acoustic Jam Session at the  clubhouse.  The Boomers Acoustic Jam Session is open to all acoustic instruments (non-electric), all skill levels and all voices. The object is to have fun making music with friends.  Everyone is encouraged to call out and lead a song in a safe non-judgmental atmosphere.  Hosts are Bob & Janie Randle.
THURSDAY,October 25:
6:30 P.M. Hand & Foot at the clubhouse.  Come on out and play H&F with your fellow boomers! You must know how to play as there are no instructors for this activity.  Doors do not open until 6:00 pm.  Host is Bonnie Arena –
FRIDAY, October 26:
6:30 P.M. RCSCW Halloween Dance – SOLD OUT
SUNDAY, October 28: 
9:00 A.M. Bike Riding. Meet at Kuentz Parking Lot and ride for about an hour around SCW. Helmets are mandatory for the Boomers Sunday morning ride. Pace will be moderate. Ride ends at the Crooked Putter, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Fry’s, Arby’s, Dairy Queen or somewhere yummy! Hosts: Ken Fecko and Jim Lewis. 
1:00 P.M. – Fun & Games at the clubhouse. From 1-4pm, the club will be open for you to take part in your favorite games – there will also be Boomers available to teach you games like Cribbage, Wizard, Wicked Witch and Sequence.  Under consideration are Poker, Texas Hold’em,  Mahjong and Bridge. BYOB and BYO snacks – ice will be provided. Cards & games are all provided.  Come learn some new and games & make new friends! This may also be an avenue to secure subs for your home games! For additional information, comments or questions, contact your Host Lou Hennessy at
5:00 P.M. Water Volleyball at PALM RIDGE! Just like Tuesdays only on Sundays! Another evening of fun splashing in the pool. No experience necessary. Host is Maryalyce Skree.  The Pool is bigger, so everyone is welcome to try out this fun activity!
For more information about our activities, check out our website at